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Washing Machine is Not Draining Properly

Affordable Washing Machine Repair Dubai

Washing Machine is Not Draining Properly

In our previous post, we explain one of the washing machine problems and suggest solutions. If your washing machine is not turning on what is the reasons and what are the possible solution to solve this issue. Now in this post, we resolve another washing machine issue and provide you the feasible solution for this if your washing machine is not draining properly. Then what are the causes of this? And what are the possible solutions to resolve this issue?

The draining problem arises due to multiple reasons.

Issue With Drain Hose

If your washing machine is not draining properly. Then the main reason is that the drain hose is not draining properly. For this, you have to first remove the hose from the washing machine and then properly check it where the clog struck. The household method to remove the blockage is by expelling too much water as needed to remove the clog.

Affordable Washing Machine Repair Dubai

Issue With Machine Pump

There may be another issue. If your washing machine is not running properly. Then there may be an issue with the drain pump. For this first, remove the pump from the washing machine and then check it properly. If there is an issue or have a problem with the pump. Washing machine motor runs the pump and if the pump is not working properly then there may be an issue with the belt. The belt may be broken or burnt out. Maybe motor not running due to the tension in the belt or maybe belt is not properly sized on the pump that causes the jammed. There may be some object stuck in the machine. Like some piece of cloth, coin, paper or other objects. In this case, remove this stuck object.

If there is still any problem then call an expert technician which can resolve your washing machine problems. Appliance Repair Dubai’s Washing Machine Repair Services is the best-suited option is for you and for all customers in Dubai. The reason is that our services are very professional and affordable.

Quality of Detergent

Sometimes the quality of detergents also causes this issue there may be many particles that stock These particles prevent the washer or washing machine from draining properly.

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