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Washing Machine is Shaking and Moving

Affordable Washing Machine Repair Dubai

Washing Machine is Shaking and Moving

Washing Machine is Shaking and Moving

If your washing machine is shaking and moving then don’t worry there are is no big problem with your washing machine. There are some simple tips and solutions for you which you can easily follow and manage. Whenever the washing machine is shaking and moving it produces a sound which afraid the users that a big problem within the washing machine arises. But is just seems alarming. There is no need to worry about it. Follow us for simple tips or if you found a big problem with your washing machine then call us for a professional solution for your washing machine at 0502784729.


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There are some of the causes of why a washing machine is shaking and moving or producing sound.

Washing Machine is not Properly Leveled

This is normally due to the fact that the floor is not properly level because washing machine companies always fulfill quality standards and try to provide 100% accurate machines. But if you face a fault in your washing machine then reputed companies also exchange it with the correct one.

If the floor isn’t level your clothes washer will definitely jump around. If the washer is sitting on an uneven floor it will even add to the movement. That’s why sound and shaking produced.

Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Position the washer on a piece of plywood. You can use a wedge or some other kind of balancers if needed to bring the plywood to a level surface, but usually the plywood will do the trick.

Washer Feet Improperly Positioned

Washing machines are designed to be adjusted to the floor surface so that they sit level properly. The front two legs have a leveling mechanism with a lock nut to secure it in place. Adjust each leg to the correct height and tighten the lock to keep the leg from moving. There shouldn’t be any movement in the front two legs once they are set.

The back both of the legs may have the same design as the front or they may be self-adjusting. If they are self-adjusting, tilt the washer forward onto its front legs so that the rear legs are roughly 3″ in the air. Then set the unit down to allow the legs to automatically adjust.

Load is Unbalanced

If you put laundry in an off-balanced manner then you’ll need to open the washer and adjust the load. You may need to make a couple of things for this in order to get it balanced again.

If you are washing too many clothes in a single load which exceeds the maximum load weight and causes the washer to go off-balance.  Check washing machine manual for load size recommendations, but as a general rule, the clothes shouldn’t be packed too tightly allowing them room to move freely.


Affordable Washing Machine Repair Dubai


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