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Washing Machine Producing Current Shock

Washing Machine Producing Current Shock

Washing Machine Producing Current Shock

Washing Machine Producing Current Shock

It is a big problem if your washing machine producing current or earth and shocking you. This shock is mild and did not cause serious problems. But don’t take it light if your washing machine shocking you and produces a current. Maybe sometimes voltage is high which causes loss of life. If this happens then immediately shut off your washing machine and remove all the connections. And quickly call an expert washing machine repairer who can fix this issue. Nowadays, washing machine companies making machines with high-quality plastics. These machines make earth resistant. Companies also made machine with high-quality material which is earth resistant. But if you have an old washing machine which is made up of silver or iron then these issues may happen. In this situation call Appliance Repair Dubai for a quick and guaranteed solution for washing machine producing current problem.

We provide some of the solutions if your washing machine producing current or earth. And we also hope that these solutions are very helpful to you. Because these solutions are already tried by the experts. Moreover, these solutions are also safe.

Washing Machine Producing Current Shock


These are safe solutions that a normal man can apply on his own.

First of all, you should wear safety gloves, have a multimeter, and take care of all safety measures which are necessary to avoid shock.

Secondly, check the presence of current and amount of voltage by using a multimeter. Check all the areas where you feel current may present with a multimeter without touching with hands.

Thirdly, remove all the connections. And start connecting every connection one by one by checking the presence of current. To find that from where the main problem arises.

Be careful if it is difficult for you should called an expert technicians which can do all these tasks. Technicians are fully trained and now all the ways to handel all kind of these problems.

Fourthly, noticing the faulted area try to fix that area by removing or replacing the faulty part.

Use Gloves for Safety

Must use safety gloves before the start of work.

Connection Problem

Please ensure that all the connections are made propely. There is no any connection which cause lead to current to outside. If so, please correct the connections with the help of manual provided by the washer manufacturer.


Use a Multimeter to check the presence of Current

A multimeter is a device that has multimeters like a voltmeter to check the voltage, an ohmmeter to check the resistance of a wire, and an ammeter that checks the current. After checking the presence of current at any point. Again turn OFF the machine and then remove these wiring with the new one.

Then again repeat checking for further issues if again find a current which can cause shock then correct this error.


Check all damaged Wires

Most of the times the reason for shock or current is damaged wires. Wires are damaged due to a cut or heavy load. If so, please check the damaged wires and try to replace the wires.


Check Earth Wire

The washing machine needs to be connected to the Earth for safety. The ground wire extends along the power cable and then inserted into the socket. If this is connected to any position in the machine, cable, plug or wall outlet, you can get a shock.

The first thing that you check is the electrical plug. You will check the plug to ensure yellow and green earth wires are connected safely. If not try to coorect them.

Recommended Solution

The recommended solution for all the customers is that, as you are not an expert, you can handle all other problems but in this case should call us to solve the problem.

We are expert to remove every kind of washing machine problem. We are the best for Washing Machine Repair Dubai.


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