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Washing Machine Not Finishes Cycle

Washing Machine Not Finishes Cycle

Washing Machine Not Finishes Cycle

Washing Machine Not Finishes Cycle

If your washing machine not finishes cycle or there is an issue with washing machine timer. Then there is a very easy solution for this. To troubleshoot this problem run your washing machine for a specific time by setting the timer. If it is not stopped after this fixed time then there is an issue.

Washing Machine Not Finishes Cycle

Why This Happens

This problem is normally happening due to the fault in the control panel or timer is defective.


Remove the control panel and check the timer contacts for corrosion or scorching. If there is a problem in wiring then change the wiring or if the timer is defective then change the timer. If you are still not able to do so, then don’t worry call us we offer very affordable services. We can solve all washing machine problems. Our rates are also very nominal and affordable.

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