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Washing Machine Not Spinning Well

Washing Machine Leaking Water

Washing Machine Not Spinning Well

Washing Machine Not Spinning Well

There are numerous reasons that spinner of washing machine or not working of spinning correctly. We suggest some tips if your washing machine not spinning well.

For this kind of issue, troubleshooting technicians will hire to open the cabinet of your washer in order to properly know about the problem. If you are doing this on yourself then we suggest some of the tips to you so that you can easily repair pause all this issue at your home.

Washing Machine Leaking Water

First of all answer some of these questions

  1. Is you are putting heavy load on your washer machine.
  2. Is you read all the instructions to use the washing machine first.
  3. Is your washing machine spinner is just not spinning well when you put clothes in it or this is a regular issue with or without clothes in the machine.
  4. Shake your washing machine and try to note some sleepy sound that you doesn’t hear before or find everything is fine?
  5. Open the cabinets of your washing machine and check whether the bed is properly fitted or not?
  6. There may be something broken in the washing machine or maybe there is an issue with the motor of the washing machine everything you can find by opening the cabinet.
  7. If you feel the same issues then do not do some extra things and just called a technician for this job.


Too Much Load

A washing machine becomes un-operational if you put too many cloaths to wash in the same load. An overloaded washing machine will become unbalanced and start working abnormally and not properly spin.

This also happens if the cloaths are not evenly distributed into the basket. If this is your problem, then you will need to adjust the load during the cycle of the washing machine to help your washing machine work properly. You can do this by removing all the clothes and then placing them evenly into the basket.

Switches and settings

The lid switch is located inside the cabinet and it’s designed by keeping in mind the safety precautions to keep hands from entering a spinning washing machine basket.

A fault switch will prevent the washing machine from running. If the switch is bad or not working it will need to be replaced. For this you first check the setting to ensure that the speed selector switch is properly working it should not set for different speeds.

Drain Pump

It is possible that an object is stuck in the drain pump. You will frequently hear a humming sound when the tub is full of water. If this is your problem then there is a problem with your drain pump.

Belts in Washing Machine

A washing machine has a number of belts. If you notice a sign of wear then you should replace it with the new one. If your problem was due to a broken belt be sure the check that the pulley has not seized. The belt may not have been the main problem. If the pulley is seized. It will usually cause the belt to break. If you replace the belt but not fix the pulley you will have the same problem in the very near future.


The main drive motor is responsible for spinning the basket. The washing machine motor creates the spinning directly and frequently with the use of a clutch. Within the washer transmission there is a crank type gear with a connecting rod that causes the basket to agitate. If there is a problem within the motor then you need a technician to check it properly. In this case, Appliance Repair Dubai’s professionals are very trained and skilled. Call us to solve every washing machine problem.

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