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Refrigerator or Fridge is Not Cooling Enough

Refrigerator Fridge Repair Dubai

Refrigerator or Fridge is Not Cooling Enough

Appliance Repair Dubai is the most reputed company in Dubai who maintain its name in Dubai with its professional working. Our company and our technicians provide free of cost solutions to their appliance repairing problems. We provide in this post the suitable solutions if your refrigerator, freezer or fridge is not cooling enough. Appliance Repair Dubai provide you the first-class repairing services if your refrigerator, freezer or fridge is not cooling enough.

There are many reasons for a fridge is not cooling enough. We discussed some of the reasons with their solutions here. So that a user can easily deal with.

The Refrigerator or Fridge is Not Cooling Enough

1. The first check that is the temperature is set correctly? FDA recommendations for temperature setting is that the temperature should be in between 0 F to 40 F (-18C to 4 C).

Solution: There is a temperature control dial inside the refrigerator, freezer or fridge. Turn the dial to set the recommended temperature settings. It’s important first check the manual for temperature setting because the refrigerator and freezer temperature setting are different from each other.

2. Sometimes the temperature is set correctly but still refrigerator, freezer or fridge is not producing enough cooling. Cooling inside the fridge is due to compressor and condenser. They both work together for producing cooling. If any of these is not working correctly then cooling is not produced.

Solution: Replace the condenser or compressor. If there is any leakage in compressor or condenser pipes then cover this leakage hole.

3. Inside Refrigerator, freezer or fridge a special gas call refrigerant is used for producing cooling. The compressor pushes this gas into condenser coils. On Adiabatic principle when gas ejects from the condenser pipes then cooling produced. If there is no enough gas which is required for producing cooling then cooling is not produced.

Solution: Refill the refrigerant gas from any reliable company.

4. Cooling is also not produced if the door of the refrigerator, fridge or freezer is not closed completely. There may be empty space from where cooling gas is leaked.

Solution: Replace the closing valves or put some insulator material to stop leaking gas.  

Appliance Repair Dubai Refrigerator, Freezer or Fridge Repair Services in Dubai

Our company Appliance Repair Dubai provides quality and reliable Refrigerator, Freezer or  Fridge Repair Service in Dubai. Call us any time 24/7 hours if they are Not Cooling Enough or for any other services.

Call us or WhatsApp us at 050 278 4729 for refrigerator, freezer or fridge repair services in Dubai, U.A.E.

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