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How to Diagnose Fridge Leakage Problem?

How to Diagnose Fridge Leakage Problem?

Appliance Repair Dubai always tries to solve the problems of customers as much as a customer can solve through easy methods. Here is our new solution for you on how to diagnose fridge leakage problem. Our company aiming that, provide facilities to customers up to that point when he/she surely wants repair then call the technicians. We provide affordable Fridge Repair Services in Dubai and Refrigerator Repair Services in Dubai. All the services related to the fridge and refrigerator are deal with care. Along with providing repair services we also offer a solution to our customers so our customers can solve minor problems on there own.

Refrigerator/Fridge Cooling System

There presents a system of condenser pipes at the backside of the refrigerator or fridge. These condenser pipes are used to compress the gas called refrigerant (i.e: HFC-134a, also called tetra-fluoro-ethane). When the gas enters the condenser pipes its temperature rises due to presser. When this hot gas gets cool due to room cooler temperature it converts into liquid. This liquid water causes leakage of the fridge or refrigerator.

Diagnose Fridge Leakage Problem

Problem 1: There may be an issue with the drain tube or drain pan. Maybe it is dirty.

Solution: If a drain tube or drain pan is dirty you need to wash it properly. It needs washing once a year. First, turn OFF the refrigerator or fridge. Then this tube can be cleaned by entering a solution mixture of water (bleach or baking soda). If all the dust or clogged are removed then it means this problem is resolved.

Problem 2: There may be an issue with the Water filter. It becomes un-operational or maybe not properly fit.

Solution: If the water filter is not properly fit then remove it and then carefully reinstall it. Or if it needs repair or replacement then go for a repair or replacement.

Problem 3: There may be a hole present inside the condenser tubes.

Solution: Turn OFF the refrigerator or fridge. Then enter water or gas (recommended: pressurized water) inside tubes if it leaks the water or smells the gas (for small holes) then it means there is a hole in pipes. Cover this hole.

Problem 4: Maybe it is with the level of the fridge or refrigerator.

Solution: Level your fridge or refrigerator with the help of a leveling meter.

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